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Don’t be a prey, be a predator! Use our advanced and 100% undetected software and become the best!

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Welcome to Predator Aim

As a small team of developers, we are dedicated to ensuring the quality and security of the software products we create. This means that we prioritize the development of software that is not only functional and user-friendly, but also meets the highest standards for reliability and security. We understand the importance of our work and take the necessary steps to ensure that the software we create is free from bugs and vulnerabilities. Our team is committed to delivering software that is not only innovative, but also safe and secure for our users to rely on.

Why choose Predator Aim


100% Secure, undetected. Focus on playing, let us worry about security.


We are working hard to update our software to the latest standards and always be on top of the game!


Just start it, follow a few simple steps you are good to go! Happy hunting!


After you buy our product, you can user straight away, no waiting, no hassle, start and dominate!


To start using it, it's really simple, every product has it's short instructions in description!


For any problems or instruction, we have a discord community dedicated to you. JOIN THE PREDATORS!

Unleash the Predator

Being a predator and the best player in an FPS video game means having a high level of skill and proficiency in the game. A “predator” is someone who is able to take advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses and outmaneuver them in order to gain an upper hand in the game. Use our software to do so in style and 100% undetected!

Frequently asked questions

How long have you been around?

We been around in cheating scene since 2021, small groups of people to keep cheats safe and UD.

Why do i have to ID verify?

ID verifiction is standard procedure when comes to private cheats,
We don't store any info, its just to make sure you are real, trustworthy user interested in our product.
We have over 100+ ID verified members.

How long game updates take?

Game updates takes maximum 24 hours (usually in few hours), you will always get notified when update drops and when to use to keep you safe.

How often products get detected?

We were never detected in 2 years of providing services and giving our best to keep it that way.

Are prices fixed or there are discounts?

Due to high demand to get into Private Cheats, prices are fixed, but we do offer seasonal discounts.

For additional support and help

JOIN OUR DISCORD CHANNEL or our telegram group!

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